Want of the Week || Perfect Peplum

*Image taken from nastygal.com

So a very late want of the week this week again, and extreme lack it blogging. Apologies for that, like I said last week in my blog post I'm still trying to get everything sorted out for when I go back to uni, so there might me a lack in posts this month, sorry for that. Anyway, I absolutely adore peplum dresses ! They are been around throughout the summer and they are suppose to be a key piece in this years Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I've always been tempted to get into the peplum trend, however i've always felt nervous that because I'm quite tall the peplum wouldn't sit right on my hips. I saw this dress on nastygal.com and I thought this peplum dress would be perfect for me as the peplum is very subtle. If you weren't confident enough to buy a full peplum I think this dress would be perfect.

Also, next week I have some very exciting news for you guys !!


  1. It's a beautiful dress, and I think peplum would like great on all body and height types =) You chose a great dress!
    - Che


  2. Very colorfull blog and good-looking girl))i follow u. what do u think about my blog? do u want to be my follower? thank u)


  3. i love the back and the color of this dress!

    lindsey louise


  4. Peplum dresses are growing on me. But the one in that photo is just gorgeous, its not a huge peplum and looks really chic.

    I’ve just followed you (: I would love it if you could check out my blog & perhaps follow me back. Have a lovely day!

    Love Jenna Fifi

  5. So far I've not been the hugest fan of Peplum, but I like the simplicity of this!
    I nominated you for an award over on my blog :)
    Lottie xx


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