August Favourites

 I'm usually late in posting my favourites but better late than never, here's my August favourites;
PanOxyl 2.5. I actually found out about this amazing product in Anna Saccone's Hygiene routine available here.This product is an acne treatment cream. I don't suffer from acne but I found that the cream works really well in reducing redness and slowly get rid of spots. I've been using this cream every night, a small amount on each spot and it has worked a treat!

Johnsons facial cleansing wipes. These were an impulse buy (because they were on offer in boots 3 for 2) and I'm glad I picked these up because they are really good at removing make-up and waterproof mascara but also cleansing the skin, also they don't irritate my eyes like Nivea facial wipes. And they are suitable for sensitive skin as well so a bonus for me.

Flora by Gucci. My go-to perfume for the summer smells so lovely and sweet. Enough said.

Katy Perry Cool Kitty Lashes. I am yet to try any of the other katy perry lashes but I really like this pair for a toned down night out look, I haven't had a chance to wear them out yet but I've tried them out with a few make-up looks and I feel they add just enough of a dramatic look to your lashes without looking over the top. (hopefully get an opportunity to do a review on these soon)

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette. I'm not usually an eye shadow person but this palette has all the perfect shades for a natural look, day or night.

And another thing I missed out of my august favourites but I'm absolutely in love with is Mac fix+, if any of you guys have used this product you'll understand why… amazing at keeping your make-up intact throughout the day, this baby has been my savour through the summer days.


What are your august favourites? Please leave yours links below :)



  1. flora by gucci is just tooooo booom xx

  2. hiiii!
    i'm in love with those lashes, they look amazing!
    hope to speak soon,
    laura x

  3. I was going to try that PanOxyl stuff but got Physohex instead which is pretty good. Lately though I've been using an Origins mask, its literally the best £20 I ever spent! Really must try that perfume too, I usually go for Gucci ones!

    1. I've never heard of Physohex hmm.. ooh I might have to give that origins mask a try then! Yea you defo should it's soo lush. xxx

  4. I really like your blog so glad I found it!!

    Panoxyl is amazing isn't it I had to use it years ago but it defo worked wonders, just remember to use it sparingly as it can actually wear away and harm the skin with excessive use!


  5. Hi, just found your blog, and really like it! Following you now hun! i have a new post up, if you get a chance to take a look, thanks. http://supposeishouldblog.blogspot.ie/

    1. Thank you :)

      Yea, i'll defo check it out !



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