Missguided: Ways to Wear Knitwear

Images taken from Missguided.co.uk

With the harsh winter soon upon us, I thought I would have a look around online stores for chunky knitwear and knitwear inspired ideas and then I came across this blog post by misguided which shows you three different style to wear knitwear in the winter.

The first style is a long knitwear jumper matched with high knee socks and a casual bag for a day time look.

The second style is a cropped jumper with a leather skirt to again adds a casual yet ‘going out’ style to the look. Perfect for drinks with friends or going somewhere casual for dinner.This blog post inspired me to creative some outfits of my own by mix and matching the different styles with different items of clothing in my wardrobe and not having to break the bank!

To look at more of the outfits shown on this blog post click here… 

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The Hunger Games | Book VS Film

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The new Hunger Games has been released, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and Josh Hutcherson as Peter Mettlack. If you’re a fan of the Hunger Games you will know that the film is an adaptation of the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. Since the new film is out, I thought I’d share with you my own thoughts on the first book vs the film.

Now I’m not a big reader, I prefer books that capture your attention from the start and this book certainly did. As you read through the book, the words create their own interpretations in your mind of how the surroundings should look and feel such as the capital, characters and their voices and personality. Through reading the book, I was constantly pushed to use my imagination of colours, textures and sounds. The book itself captured more emotion for me as I felt the passion and pain throughout the pages. Toward the end of the book, I felt that the element of suspense captured me well, encouraging me to read further. However, I did feel that the ending was very abrupt yet the excitement of the book itself encouraged me to read on.

After months of refusing to watch the film, as I didn’t want it to blur my interpretation of the book I had to admit defeat at some point. I feel that the film is a great interpretation of the book, through the use of characters, locations and styling. I felt that Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss was a great choice by the directors as she captures the spirit of the character well. I did however; feel that the use of characters within the capital was over theatrical which contradicted the story for me personally. I really enjoyed the choice of costume and styling within the film, the graphics weren’t too bad either! I would definitely encourage everyone to read both the book and see the film as the essence of the story is alive but with different interpretations.

The Hunger Games Book 7/10       The Hunger Games Film 6/10

What did you think of the film/trilogy?  Do you prefer films or books?  
Leave your comments below! 

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Places to Visit | Amsterdam

I know, I know, another holiday/break away this year! This weekend I traveled to Amsterdam for one of my friends 21st birthday. During our time away, we visited the Anne Frank museum, which was such a memorable experience.  Our short break away also consisted of long walks down the canals and looking at all the amazing graffiti work around. 

We also found this amazing bar called Chicago Boom Town where they played an arrangement of soul and funk music which was a nice alternative venue from places back home. I would recommend visiting Amsterdam if you are looking for a short break away with interesting history and culture. I would absolutely love to visit the city again!  

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