Places to Visit | Bath

This week it was my mum’s birthday so we decided to take a nice few days away to bath, (A cheeky mid-week break). Whilst we were there we stayed at the Hilton hotel which was absolutely gorgeous; the rooms where so spacious, the staff were amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever had a better few nights sleep.

One the first day we decided to spend most of our time in the Thermae Bath Spa in the centre of Bath and then after our relaxing experiences we took a walk around bath and did bit of shopping. On the second day we went and visited the fashion museum where we saw a life of fashion which exhibited dresses from all over the decades included an outfit worn by Princess Diana herself.

Bath is such a beautiful city with a lot of Georgian history. If you’re a historical kind of person who would love a weekend away at the spa, I definitely recommended visiting. 

Have you been to bath before? 

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Leith Clark x Warby Parker

Image 1 features MARVA Cobalt Leaf 
Image 2 features 1. GRETA Crystal and 2. AURORA Daughter of Pearl

As a spectacle wearer myself, I was pretty ecstatic when Warby Parker approached me to write a post about their latest collection with Leith Clark. After a brief sneak peak at the collection and the photography, I thought it would be such a great piece to feature on my blog and couldn’t say no!

Warby Parker is an American company in which provides boutique design glasses around the global. The company started up as an alternative to the overpriced lens market available today. Warby Parker and Leith Clark have joined forces to create The Leith Collection. You may recognise Leith Clark from her styling in Harper Bazaar UK and the editor chief of biannual magazine Lula.

The Leith collection itself appeals to a quirky yet alternative business like audience, with the use of frames in the collection. A retro style theme is present throughout most pieces with the use of a cat eye frame for the styles WEDNESDAY Noir and WILLOW Aldabra.  Along with the use of vintage retro square frames AURORA daughter of Pearl  and MARVA cobalt leaf. (Cobalt leaf is my favourite from the collection). All of which are available in optical and sun wear. Click here for links to the eyewear collection and here for the sun wear collection.

I do feel like the style of glasses adopted within the collection has been slightly over used by various other companies within the UK market itself. All though, the major selling point for me with this collection is that: For each pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. I really love that ethos!

A percentage from each sale of the glasses will also go to Girl Up, a United Nations foundation company in which aims to raise awareness and funds for UN programmes that provide life-changing opportunities to girls around the world. http://www.girlup.org

The collection is now available online and from Warby Parker stores and showrooms.
 $145 each / £88.76 GBP

Disclaimer: Opinions featured in any sponsored post are always 100% my own personal opinion on the product sent to myself. I will only work with sponsors that I believe are legitimate, honest and relevant to my blog!

What are your thoughts on the collection? 

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Motivational Mondays 3#

Image taken from Pintrest.com

Motivational Mondays are back! It's a brand new year and we all need a bit of motivation especially through January to keep us all going. Motivational Monday's won't be every week but will be posted once in a while just a keep a fresh spin on things and to remind us that sometimes we need to stay positive and motivated within our selves to succeed. Enjoy!

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