Bear Hugs

//Dress Forever 21, Gilet Primark, Ring Boots.//

I have fallen in love with this fur gilet it's so snug and warm really good for this time of year where it's too warm to wear a coat but to cold to be without something warm.

Hope you all enjoy :)


Bargain Buy - False Lashes

Forever 21 False Lashes £1.10

A few weeks ago I decided to try Forever 21’s beauty range I think it’s reasonable new so I decide to pick up a pair of their ‘elegant look’ and ‘dazzling’ false lashes. I find false lashes quite pricey for their amount of use but these lashes I found are extremely good quality for the value (£1.10). The elegant look lashes have a very ‘natural’ look about them; their more for everyday wear and dazzling look for a night out. Applying these lashes I found very easy especially since I’m not a regular wearing of false lashes but I wasn’t to keen on the glue which didn’t have a very strong hold so I would recommend using another professional eyelash glue.

Overall bargains buy for me and I would definitely re-purchase these, also good for mini gifts/ stocking fillers.

Hope you enjoyed,
Love Laurenbehappy.


Happy Birthday To Me :)

Hi everyone :)

So I've been wanting to do a birthday presents/birthday blog since I started blogging so I'm very excited to do this blog post today.

For those of you who wouldn't know it was my birthday yesterday (yay) happy birthday to me I turned 20 :( so I just wanted to share with you all of the exciting goodies and things I got basically. I just wanna say before I share with you everything I got, this post is in no way shape or form a blog to boast about what I got I just thought it would be a great idea to share with my followers as I loveeeee seeing what things people got for their birthdays in posts and YouTube videos so I hope that you all enjoy mine. Can you tell what my favourite colour is ... ?

Starting from the left I got...

Umberto Giannini Rock N Roll Hairspray & Grunge Glamour Salt Spray (love these already)
A bottle of coke :)
River Island gift vouchers
An Ipod nano (so cute)
Hydrating gel face masks
A cute little picnic basket with a shower cap on
The comforter bath bomb from lush
Flora by Gucci 
Exfoliating glove 
Benefit boi-ing concealer 
Tea light holders
Snow fairy lush gift set 
Soap & Glory body butter, Shower gel and Shower scrub
Knee high socks
Rose tea light candles
2 rings from forever 21 
Pink blackberry case
More River Island gift vouchers
Angelina ballerina wash bag 
Bath bomb ( I think it's vanilla )
Red H&M bag 
Blow up bath pillow
and a small trinket box with a pink cup and saucer in :)
and two lovely dresses but I can post that separately...

Let me know if you want any reviews on anything featured in this picture I will get straight on that. Really wanna do a review on the Soap & Glory products I got because I've heard so about them. But yea I hope you all enjoyed :)

Also I've got another bargain buy post coming up because I know the other one was v. popular..

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Speak soon.




// Top Primark, Dress Select, Faux fur stole H&M, Necklaces Forever 21, Ring Boots. //

Enjoy !
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What's in my bag ?

At the moment in my bag I have ...

1// Dove deodorant Just incase :)
2// My Purse containing loyal cards vouchers ect basicly my life !
3// My diary I always carry my diary to jot down important dates.
4// My keys obviously.
5// Cheap pink hair brush For the odd fly abouts.
6// Inhaler.
7// Hand and nail cream.
8// Pencil case For Uni.
9// Blackberry Curve My baby I would be lost without it.
10// Topshop Flyer Randomly left in my bag.
11// Clip For those ugh days.
12// Bus pass Because I don't have a car :(
13// Paul Smith perfume My Fav atm.
14// Hand sanitizer never leave without it.
15// Topshop lipstick Mink most reached out for lipstick atm.

So I really wanted to do a what's in my bag post just so that anyone intrested in my blog and my followers can get to know me a bit better :) Just a few odd bits and not so odd bits. I love reading what's in my bag post and watching the videos so I hope you enjoy mine :)

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It's my birthday in 6 days (yay)



Just my luck !

Dress (with belt) Peacocks, Necklace Peacocks, Earrings Primark, Nails Metallic Madness.

So, I haven't had the best of luck in the past week ! My first assignment is due on friday, i've injured my knee and today I accidently kicked the tv and it left me with a big cut. I'm hoping by the end of this week I get some hard core luck because it's my 20th birthday next saturday. (YAY)

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Wants of the Week

1. Dress River Island 2. Dress Miss Selfridge 3. Dress Miss Selfridge 4. Hat River Island 
5. Cape River Island 6. Turban River Island  7. Crop tee Miss Selfridge.



Bargain Buy - Winter Boots

On my shopping travels I decided as it is now october it would be the right time to invest in some winter boots. As soon as I saw these boots I fell in love instantly ! I love shearing and I love biker boots so these boots where pretty much perfect. 

They are an amazing fit and they look super cute with ankle socks. I tried them on in the store and thought I must get them because they were the only ones in my size and I thought if i don't get them now i'll regret it and I'm glad I did get them because their my favourite autumn/winter boots. 

Only £18 from Primark.

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