What's in my bag ?

At the moment in my bag I have ...

1// Dove deodorant Just incase :)
2// My Purse containing loyal cards vouchers ect basicly my life !
3// My diary I always carry my diary to jot down important dates.
4// My keys obviously.
5// Cheap pink hair brush For the odd fly abouts.
6// Inhaler.
7// Hand and nail cream.
8// Pencil case For Uni.
9// Blackberry Curve My baby I would be lost without it.
10// Topshop Flyer Randomly left in my bag.
11// Clip For those ugh days.
12// Bus pass Because I don't have a car :(
13// Paul Smith perfume My Fav atm.
14// Hand sanitizer never leave without it.
15// Topshop lipstick Mink most reached out for lipstick atm.

So I really wanted to do a what's in my bag post just so that anyone intrested in my blog and my followers can get to know me a bit better :) Just a few odd bits and not so odd bits. I love reading what's in my bag post and watching the videos so I hope you enjoy mine :)

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It's my birthday in 6 days (yay)


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