Week in photos 12#

Golden syrup wheat-a-bix, sunny day outfit, pesto and chicken flatbread, listening to music, £2 skirt (excuse the mess), melon snack, gorgeous dress from H&M that I'm dying to buy, what i brought post click here, chicken and cous cous dinner.

Another late week in photos I know, my organization skills are terrible! This week is a really busy week for me, today is really my only free day off. I'm going to Manchester to visit my auntie on Thursday which is really exciting but I'm not sure whether to do an early week in photos next Sunday or do two weeks in one hmm…. Anyway, I've got a few blog ideas planned for this week hopefully a few reviews lined up and maybe an outfit of the day as well for you guys. The past few weeks for me have flown by, I actually realised recently that I have about 8 weeks before I go back to uni *sad face* and 3 weeks before I got to reading festival *yay*. I'm going to try and keep on top of blogging as much as possible when I go back to uni as well, I promise!

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are enjoying the olympics !

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What I Brought 3#

I haven't done a 'what I brought' post in about 2 months, but I think that's because I literally haven't really brought anything worth sharing with you guys. It was pay day on Friday and there was quite a few beauty products that I really wanted to pick up so I decided to indulge...

Firstly, I picked up Sally Hansen airbrushed legs in medium glow, I haven't tried this out yet but I've heard a lot of good things about this product. 'Make-up for legs' is what they say on the bottle and it's water resistant too which is pretty good for a 'fake tan' type product, really looking forward to trying this out ! I picked up some make-up bits as well, I brought Katy Perry lashes by Eylure and Revlon photoready primer, even though they are not new products out I really wanted to give them a try when I had a bit of spare cash.I also brought a TangleTeezer 'the original' because ever since they have been out I've been dying to have one, but I've always thought £10 for a hair brush, really? I've always wanted to spend my money on other things but I decided to bite the bullet and get one and so far I'm in love.I'm planning to do a review on the TangleTeezer and also the Revlon photoready primer so look out for those pretty soon.

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Week in photos 11#

Cherry and sultana scones, cold day with my wooly hat, feta cheese and salad pittas, magazine day, NOTD - Aztec, cheesy pasta bake with broccoli, half eaten krispy kreme, dark knight rises, in my onsie.

I have had quite a busy week compared to the last few weeks i've had.  I went to the cinema on saturday with my mum to see The Dark Knight Rises and omg I can not explain to you how amazing that film is ! It's guaranteed the best film I have watched this year so far, if you haven't watched it yet, I highly suggest you do because you won't be disappointed. Anyway, really short and sweet post today as I'm not feeling to great today.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend !


LOTD: Fact or Quote- 100th Blog Post !!

As it is Friday and the LOTD today is an inspirational fact or quote, I decided that I really wanted to find a quote about blogging as this post will be my 100 post on laurenbehappy (yay). I feel this quote is so simple, yet so true.

Blogging for me started off as a mini university project, I was told before I started my fashion degree that blogging would be a good and helpful step towards my course, little did I know that I would start to love blogging and it went from university work, to a lovable hobby. For me blogging has had its ups and downs, but I feel like over the past 3-6 months I've got more in-touch with my blogging spirit if that makes any sense and it has become more comfortable for me to blog on a regular basis. 

Now I know I'm not the type of blogger that blogs every single day because and I want to be completely honest, I haven't got enough time to blog every single day but I'm getting better. This month I think I've done quite well, but anyway I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who checks out my blog regularly and all my followers as well, I wouldn't be able to do this without you guys so thanks.

And by the way, if your interested in taking part in LOTD all the information is available here on the lovely Louise's blog.


NOTD: Aztec

Barry M limited edition lilac (base coat), Calvin Klein french manicure set - white, Barry M turquoise, Barry M bright purple, Barry M black, Calvin Klein top coat. 

I decided to try out the aztec nails featured in the Company magazine and I don't think I did to bad if I'm honest. I did originally put different aztec design on every nail but it just looked really busy and gave me a bit of a headache so I was going to remove it completely but then I decided to keep the thumb design as it was the best one out of all of them ha. I think I'm going to try and make this notd a regular post, maybe every week.

What are your favourite nail designs for the summer ?


LOTD: Clothes 2#

This lovely t-shirt dress is my clothing love of the day for today, as you guys should know already if you read my blog that I have been taking part in the lovely louise LOTD series on her blogs. Mondays love of the day is always clothing. And as I was browsing through River Island's Autumn preview and I came across this lovely T-shirt dress and had to make it my LOTD. I understand that it won't be to everyones taste as it is an bold print but I'm absolutely loving the whole baroque print for Autumn/winter.

If you are interested in taking part in the LOTD all the information is available here.


Week in photos 10#

Oddities cheesy biscuits, new H&M clutch, reading list; Stylist and Company, NOTD , The food doctor bulgar wheat wholesome pot, favourite H&M pumps, banoffee hot chocolate, outfit of the day, catching up on Corrie.

Another not very exciting week this week, I did however manage to post 3 times this week which I'm extremely proud of. I also have a whole week of this week so I'm planning to have a few blog post up this week. Again the weather has not been very nice this week but I'm hoping the weather will be decent enough to take some outfit of the days. 

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend !


LOTD: Fact or Quote 2#

Fridays love of the day is always going to be a fact or quote and here's mine for today !

And if you do want to take part in LOTD, all the information is available here.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend :)


NOTD: Polka dot

Topshop nails in World's End (Blue), White and Topcoat from Calvin Klein french manicure set, Topshop nails in Ice Crush (Glitter).

I got bored yesterday so I decided to experiment with a few nail designs as you can see. I really wanted to do an outfit of the day today because the sun was actually shining at brief intervals today, but every time I went to take a picture the sun disappeared and the lighting would look extremely terrible! So I decided to do a nail outfit of the day for you instead. Speaking of which, I was reading the August edition of Company today and I absolutely adore the nail art section featured in the beauty part of the mag. They show you how to DIY different types of nail art like zebra print, aztec and starfish. If you haven't already I highly suggest you check it out because if your anything like me and can't really do nail art that well, it's extremely beneficial for quirky summer nails.

What's your favourite summer time nail look ?


LOTD: Clothes

Another post from the lovely Louise LOTD series.

Monday's Love of the Day is Clothes

My chosen item of clothing is this lovely bird pencil skirt from Miss Selfridge. I absolutely adore the print on this skirt, I think it would look really nice on a night out with a crop tee or you could dress it down and wear it in the day with a leather jacket. 

Again if you do want to take part in Louise's LOTD, all the information is available here !

What's your favourite clothing item at the moment ?


Week In Photos 9#

 Drinks with my friend, Love my Rihanna t-shirt, June favourites, Space nails, Hand charm and jewellery, OOTD, Peacock dress, Frizzy Hair, Getting ready for Reading Festival next month.

So again not a busy week this week, I'm still without much money until pay day which is the end of july lool so I'm plodding along slowly. I'm determined to post at least 3 times every week until I'm back at uni and so far so good, i've kept up with regular blogging. I just wanted to apologies for the extreme lack of outfit posts, I don't think i've done any for a few months but it's really hard to get the right lighting because of the really bad weather. But I'm hoping that when the weather brightens up (if it every does in england) I will be doing more outfit posts. 

I hope your all enjoying your weekend !


LOTD: Fact or Quote

 I decided today that I was going to hop on the LOTD band wagon created by Louise's from sprinkleofglitter  - If your curious of what this may be click here onto to read Louise's blog post that will explain all.

Her 'love the day' on friday is to share an interesting fact or inspiring quote to bring cheer to all !

My chosen quote was this;

Join in the fun over at sprinkleofglitter and read louise's post here.

What did you think of my quote for today ? 


June Favourites

This June favourites is more hair and skin care products than beauty as I'm quite content with the make-up products I'm using at the moment. I still can't believe its July already! June has gone by so quickly but anyway here's a few of my favourites for June.

Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
I adore this shampoo and condition, the Miracle Moist range specialises in dry and damaged hair. I love this product because it uses natural sources such as macadamia nut oil and aloe vera to help feed the moisture back into dry and damaged hair; it does what it says on the bottle. (Almost in my empties, definitely re-purchasing.)

Elemis Fresh skin Cleansing Wipes
I actually received these wipes in a goody bag I received from Graduate Fashion Week last month and had been dreading using them, as I have super sensitive skin. But so far so good, not too must moisture escapes when you use the wipes, but just enough to remove your make up and cleanse the skin. Elemis Cleansing Wipes are another product with natural goodness such as elderflower extract and chamomile.

Soap and Glory 'The scrub of your life'
This scrub has been a GODSEND throughout this month and last, since the weather has (kind of) been warm, I have slipped into my sandals and I must tell you now my feet were not ready to be exposed until I brought this scrub! It is a combination of a scrub and soap so it is not too harsh on the skin, I've also used this product on my face and body as it is not irritable towards your skin, and it pretty much smells amazing.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Foundation

What are your favourites for this month? Leave the links to your monthly favourites and I'll be sure to check them out.