Want of the Week || Halloween Special

Some people love it, some people hate it... and I LOVE IT! Here just a few 'halloween' inspired products that I have had my eye on for a few weeks. Specially those Jeffrey Campbell Litas, I mean who wouldn't want a pair of these? The things I've chosen are pieces you could wear at any time in the year but are particularly 'on trend' in the halloween period of the year. I just wanted to point out as well if anyone is feeling particularly generous to buy me a pair of JC for my birthday I would be extremely grateful haha :) 


Week in photos 18#

OOTN, night out, new camera, miss guided delivery, re-decorating my room, bargain earrings, elf, mee, aussie shampoo and conditioner duo, new birthday shoes, ready to go, spa weekend.

I haven't done a week in photos for a LONG while, usually I would have done them every single week but for the past 4-6 weeks I feel like i haven't stopped, let alone had time to take pictures of what i've been doing all week. This week on the other hand has been 'the calm before the storm' as I have had most of the week off but next week friday is my deadline day for uni and it's my 21st birthday yay so there should be lots of fun posts coming up in the next few weeks including my birthday haul, maybe a outfit of the night depending on the lighting or maybe a birthday outfit of the day again depending on the lighting but I definitely have a few blog post planned it just getting round to actually posting them. 

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Style crush: Rihanna

One of the most controversial artists out at the moment, her outrageous activities and influential style has made her my style crush of October. Such a big fan of hers and I absolutely love her tattoos!


Want of the Week || Suede Wedges

*Image taken from topshop.com

First of all, I just wanted to say a BIG SORRY for being such a bad blogger over the 3/4 weeks. I don't really want to make any excuse but my camera has been lost for two weeks then when I found it, it just didn't want to work for me. So I'm really sorry for that but hopefully I can get it sorted soon because I want to do lots more outfit posts (even though the weather hasn't been very nice) and also a few make-up bits and bobs. I will be back to regular blogging maybe not as much as in the summer hopefully and I have a few timed post for when I have my busy days at uni. I might do an update post about me if anyone is interested...
P.S I adore these wedges, not a winter trend per say but I think they would look gorgeous with a plain black dress. 

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