SS13 Trend || Spotted

For me the polka dot/spotty trend is one of the easiest trends to style. I feel like this trend is perfect for those who are fashion lovers and who love to follow new trends, however never feel brave or confident enough to go out and buy into the trend. Polkadots are not really a 'new trend'. Polkadot /spotted clothing has continued to pop in and out of the 'fashionworld' and I kind of feel like to me black polkadots items are almost timeless pieces. As elegantly demonstrating in the image of the S/S13 chanel catwalk show a black polkadot pieces can be dressed up to look very elegant. They can also be dressed down for a everyday kind of look with a white t-shirt and leather jacket. Grey, black and white polkadot is almost the perfect trend for work wear in my option. 

How do you feel about polkadots/the polkadot trend?

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What I brought 5#

| 2 x polo neck crop tops ~ Topshop | Polo neck skull print top ~Topshop |
 Run DMC baseball top ~ Camden market | Panther jumper ~ Bershka |

As you can tell I haven't done one of these in a while... These are just a few things I picked up a while ago on my travels to London Town. I absolutely love my panther jumper from Bershka, I pretty much live in it! We don't have a Bershka here in Birmingham (I wish they did) so every time I do travel down to London I always try and have a quick peak in there. When I went last year I brought 3 of the same cardigans in different colours ooops! I just think they for the price in there you can't really go wrong. I also tried my hand at some haggling for my Run DMC top when we went to Camden Market (I also got attacked by some pigeons trying to steal my friends food but we won't go into that). £10 for a basketball top I can really say much fairer than that!

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SS13 Trends || Top of the Pop Art

Pop art or cartoon print? Either way I feel this is a really noticeable trend within high street stores at the moment. A few celebrities have been seen wearing the trend include the gorgeous Cara Delevingne with her Simpson print crop top and mini skirt. I've picked a few items I think are key for this trend and will be doing a how to wear post later on next week so stay tuned for that. I absolutely adore the lazy oaf pienapple top and hopefully will be investing in that. Get inspired!

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Week in photos 25#

Getting ready for the event, A few of the girls from our event, peri peri chicken homemade,sorting out a blog post, Company magazine, onesie day, mixed grill, my minnie mouse wash thingy, pasta pesto.

It's a very food filled week in photos this week.  Since I have hardly been at university and I have no money (being a student and all) food is pretty much dominating my life at the moment. This week has been a pretty lazy one, I've had a few final presentations for university and my final briefing is on tuesday. I can't believe after my next project/module I will be moving into my 3 year. It's gone so quickly! This year has gone to quickly already!! I may write a blog post on my transition from the first year to my second year as it was a bit shift and at first felt very overwhelming. But do let me know if that would be something you guys would be interested in. I hope everyone had a great St paddy's day and weekend!

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Stay in touch!

I bet you guys are sick and tired of seeing these posts now about how google reader is being removed on the  1st july and how it's not confirmed ect ect...Anyway, make sure to follow me on bloglovin here incase this is true. You can also transfer all the blogs you are following from google reader to bloglovin when you set up an account. 



Late February Faves

A very late February favourites but a monthly favourites post none the less. I found it extremely difficult to do this month, as I haven't particularly brought anything new and have been extremely busy with my university event project but here it is anyway…

Zara perfume Black Peony – This is a recent purchase however, I had to include it in my favourites as it has been my go to perfume for the month. I love the flowery smell of this perfume and it can last for quite some time before needing to 're-sprits'. At 7.99 a bottle, you really cannot go wrong.

Real Technique brushes- These are the only face brushes I use at the moment and will be continuing to use these for a while yet. After only hearing good things about these brushes, I decided to go out and buy their core collection. These brushes are great at providing a perfect finish to your make-up

Nivea Skin Wipes Pure and Natural with Argan oil and Aloe Vera- Regular buying of Nivea Facial Wipes, perfect for my skin type and I love the fact that they have argan oil and aloe vera in which is really good for the skin.

Burberry Lipstick in Antique Rose- A Satin finish, the perfect nude/pink 'your lips but better' shade.

Barry M Gelly in Shine- I love the finish of this product!! Only 2 coats needed for an overall neat finish and very long lasting for the price.

If you would like to me to do any reviews/further information about the products and my experience with them please do leave some comments below.

What are your February favourites? 
Please leave ALL your links below, I love having a look at what other products people have been loving for the month!

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Want of the Week || Moschino Duffle Bag

Moschino Rossella Duffle Bag £563.14 

I thought I would mix it up a bit with my want of the week posts. I have decided to include both designer and high street brands as there will be items that I have fallen in love with both designer and high street that I may not buy. This is a great example. I saw this bag on the fashionista website and instantly started to dribble over it. I think it's the perfect black bag not to big and not to small. Great to use with daytime or night time looks. Very pricey designer bag but a lovely investment piece. I would love to find a very similar dupe.If anyone does find one please leave links below :)
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Week in photos 24# & Quick update

Miss guided delivery, listening to my music, the taste of summer, new make-up storage, sorting out clothes for the event. event tickets, new shoes, clubbing <3

As you guy might have realised I have been absent from the blogosphere recently and here the reason why.... Trying to organise a event in six weeks is tough! For my university course me and 7 other girls from the course have had to organise a live event. The event is on WEDNESDAY 6TH MARCH. So we are towards the end of all our planning and  preparation. I can say now it hasn't been an easy six weeks, it's been full of ups and downs but now we're all towards to end of it, all the stressing has turned into excitement!

Who knew that planning an event would be so hard between a group of 8 intelligent university students. But anyway, like I said the event is on wednesday so all blogging will return back to normal. I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

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