Week in photos 22#

Pre-drinks in london, starbucks time, chinese in camden, meee minimal make-up, snooowww, my re-useable coffee cup, the sky looked pretty, fundraising with the girls for our fashion event, attempt one at shortbread!

Another busy week this week guys! Last weekend I went away to London for a few days which was nice, did a bit of shopping and met up with my family ect. Monday it was back to university and full force into organising our fashion event for the course. Monday the snow was really bad so it was almost like mission impossible to get to university. Tuesday and thursday me and the girls on our course did a bit of fundraising to raise a bit of cash for our event. As you can see the first batch of shortbread didn't go too good, but in the end we perfected the shortbread, sold all the cakes we made and raised a good starting amount for our charity and event. All in all, I think it has been a very productive week :) 

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Want of the Week|| Half and Half Spotted Tee

Monochrome is suppose to be a big trend for Spring/Summer 2013. You can already see monochrome shirts in pretty much every shop you go into! I particularly liked this t-shirt because it's a bit more quirkier than those monochrome sheer shirts that you can get from most stores, it's a t-shirt with half contrast monochrome detail which I thought was a good twist on the S/S trend! This is definitely an on trend piece therefore £32 I feel is a bit dear for this t-shirt, but if you love being on trend and are now starting to buy your 2013 S/S wardrobe I feel like this is something that you should definitely treat yourself with! Look out for this S/S trend.

What other S/S trends have you got your eyes on at the moment? 

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Want of the Week || Studded Hot Pants

Black studded denim hot pants River Island £30.00

I know it's not particularly the best weather in England for these. But I just fell in love with these gorgeous hot pants from River Island! I think if or when the weather got a bit milder these shorts would look so cute with a leather jacket, long sleeved cropped tee, really cute biker boots and red lips. (as you can see I'm already planning on what to wear them with). £30 I think is a bit expensive for these shorts and I know a lot of people will tell me that I can just buy a classic pair of Levi's and add studs to them, but I am extremely bad at any customising or DIY clothing so I'll leave it to the professionals and fork out a little more money haha.

If you have found any dupes or similar looking studded denim shorts, please do leave your links below!

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Week in photos 21#

In love with my new iphone, steamy stir fry, Burgundy polo tea crop tee lust, best fruit juice ever, bailey's hot chocolate, pyjama time, steak n chips, new dream catcher tattoo, carrot cake muffin

Last week was a very busy/exciting week for me as it was the first week back at university yay! I received my project for this term which is events management, which I am super excited about. For this events managing project we have to put on an event to raise money for our chosen charity. So last week me and my group were organising fun raising ideas to raise money for our big event (such good fun). I also organised a cheeky trip to London next weekend for my friends birthday which is really exciting, so make sure to follow me on twitter and instagram for updates on my trip and a got a new tattoo :) So all in all quite a busy and organised week!

P.s First week in photos post of 2013 woohoo!

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Style Crush: Fearne Cotton

All images taken from google*

Tv presenter/ radio dj/ fashion designer. I adore Fearne Cottons laid back attitude to style. I love her girly yet rocky image not afraid to stand out from the crowd and show of the arrangement of her tattoos. Her collection on very.com is so adorable and I feel it's features very on trend pieces and keeps up to date with her target audience. Overall, I really great role model for young girls and January's celebrity style crush!

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The White Company Competition

This is not a sponsored post
A post which is a little bit out of the ordinary for me and my blog, but I thought it would be good to take part in new things this year. I was emailed recently about the great opportunity to win some super cosy bed liner for the value of £200 from the white company. Now I adore the white company so when I received the email I was more than happy to take part. These four products are the items I have chosen are how I would like to style my bedroom over the christmas period. Even though the christmas period is over I thought I would still take part and showcase a few of my favourites!

 I love the simplicity of the portland mirror along with the storage boxes, not very christmasy but I just love the simplicity of the two products and feel they would fit in perfectly with my room. Tea light candles are ideal for the winter months, adding subtle glimmers of light. I can just imagine me cuddled up in bed with the luxury faux fur throw with the tea light candles scattered across the room. These are just a few items I would have chosen for my ideal bedroom over christmas.

What are your favourite products from The White Company?
Do any of you guys wanna take part in this competition... all the information is available here

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Best of 2012: Lips

Collection 2000 cream puff, Mac satin finish lipstick in snob, Revlon super lustrous lipstick in pink pout, Topshop lipstick in Mink, Dr Pierre Richaud lip treatment.

COLLECTION 2000. Cream puff my current go-to lip product.
MAC LIPSTICK in SNOB. The perfect barbie pink colour with a satin finish.
REVLON LIPSTICK in PINK POUT. Similar Mac snob another favourite baby pink lipstick.
TOPSHOP LIPSTICK in MINK. A sort of you're lips but better type coloured lipstick.
DR PIERRE RICHARD. This lip treatment has been perfect for me as my lips get extremely dry in the colder months. 

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Best of 2012: eyes

ELF wet gloss for lashes and brows, Benefit They're Real mascara, L'oreal super liner, MUA eyeshadow palette in heaven and earth, Sleek brow kit in dark.

Elf wet gloss perfect way to ensure your eyebrow pencil/powder stays on. Featured in my late october favourites.
Benefit They're Real mascara recently beauty purchase but fell in love instantly, easily gives length to short stubby lashes (and I adore the brush).
L'oreal super liner this liner pen makes it easy to apply your winged eye liner, great for everyday use.
MUA eyeshadow palette my go to eyeshadow for everyday. Feature in my August favourites.
Sleek brow kit the only brow kit I have found that ideally matches my eyebrow colour.

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Best of 2012: Face

Mac fix+, Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 04, Boujois bronzing powder, Maybelline BB cream in medium, 'That gal' Benefit face primer and Mac face and Body foundation in C6.

Mac Fix+ Perfect at keeping your make-up on throughout the day.
Collection 2000 One of the best concealers i've used all year with the best coverage at the cheapest price.
Boujois bronzing powder A chocolate scented bronzer with a hint of shimmer
Maybelline BB Cream Review avaliable here
'That Gal' Benefit face primer
Mac face and body foundation review avaliable here

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Happy New Year's- New Year's eve outfit

Dress- Miss Guided

Happy New Year!
I know it's a bit late as New year's day was yesterday but I just couldn't bring myself to blog yesterday as my new years was a bit of a wild one! I hope everyone had an amazing new years and didn't drink too much. I thought I would share my new years eve outfit with you guys as one of my new years resolutions is to have more outfit post on my blog. Apologies for the quality of the pictures and the blow up bed in the background  i just didn't have time to set up my tripod as everything was a bit manic/ rushed. But I promise the next outfit posts will be more organised haha. Anyway, again I hope everyone had a lovely new years and 2013 brings you everything you wish for!


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