Want of the Week || Aztec Backpack

When I was younger I always felt like rucksacks were so un-cool, when my mum would tell me to take a backpack to school because it's 'practical' I never really understood. But as i've got older the whole having a backpack has become a fashion piece and statement with the room for all the million and one things women have to carry in their bags. I  absolutely adore these cotton style backbacks/rucksacks especially for when I go back to university or it can even be used for college/school or everyday and I love the aztec print !

Have you seen any funky/fashionable backpacks, if so leave all your links below :)


Week in photos 16#

Tickets to reading festival, new blog layout, meee :), packing up, new army holdall, goodies to take on the trip, an extremely dark me, drinks, reading infortmation.

As you guys know who read my blog, I have been at reading festival since thursday morning this is why there is a extreme lack in interesting photos this week as I never really had the opportunity to do anything exciting (apart from reading). Reading was so amazing by the way and I suggest that anyone who hasn't been to one does go once in their life time as it is a once in a lifetime experience. Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying their bank holiday weekend and my pick of the week will be up tomorrow!


BRB off to Reading!

By the time you guys are reading this post, I should be enjoying myself (hopefully with sunny weather) in Reading. I'm going (well already gone in this case) to Reading Festival which I am extremely excited about. I've gone for the weekend and shall be back next week with stories to share and hopefully photos too. I haven't scheduled any posts apart from this one, as I shall be back on monday. So my week in photos post will be posted a bit late next week sorry guys!

 Please do leave lovely comments below though and I'll be sure to reply to everyone once I'm back.
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!




Want of the Week || Disco pants dupe

Romana high waisted discopants £22.99  also available in black.

A fashion essential, American Apparels disco pants have become a necessary fashion piece for all wardrobes including celebrities such as Jessie J, Tulisa available and many more. I would myself absolutely adore a pair of American Apparel disco pants to add to my collection but for £70 a pair, I can not justify to myself spending that much on a pair of 'leggings'. However, I was chuffed to fine a 'dupe' on Missguided.co.uk I love both colours available in the disco pants, especially the burgundy as it is such a great shade for Autumn/Winter and could be paired with almost everything. A definite pay day purchase !

Have you seen any good disco pant dupes? leave your links below...


Week in photos 15#

ASOS delivery arrived, my Company magazine collection, floral headbands for Reading festival, catching up with Keeping up with the Kardashians, NOTD coral rose, wearing my new hat, best prawn stir-fry ever, two new models own nail polishes.

This week has been quite an eventful week for me, I've been ordering and picking a few bits for reading festival which is next weekend. I've been pretty much running around like a headless chicken for the last three days to try and find the last bits and bobs for that. I tend to panic if everything isn't organised or left until the last minute. I have everything brought for reading now though i've just got to pack it all up which is good. I've also been really busy with work this week, i've been given a lot of extra hours which i'm really happy about. I'm planning to do a post on what I'm going to take to the festival, so keep your eyes peeled for that and that's about it really.

I hope everybody is having a lovely weekend and enjoying the weather !

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Revlon Photoready perfecting primer

Revlon photoready primer is one of my favourite primers that I have used so far! I don't really use primers on a regular basis, so I'm always willing to try out different priming products. Because I only use primers for a night time look I feel like this primer was perfect for me and my skin type. It doesn't have SPF15 in it and is also oil-free which helps to reduce that 'shiny face' in photos and helps to diminish the appearance of pores. I feel that it really does help in giving your make-up a flawless finish without completely drying out the skin.

This primer comes in a glass bottle with a pump, so it is easy to manage the amount of primer needed. I found that one to two pumps gave the perfect amount of product. Revlon photoready primer is a white colour that applies transparent when blended into the skin and dries to a satin finish which helps to create a flawless make-up look. I have been using this primer and Mac fix+ as my make-up duo. By using these two products I feel like my make-up can last a lot longer without having the need to re-apply.

I would definitely re-purchase this primer and would recommend it for people with dry to combination skin as it feels extremely light-weight on the skin.

Avaliable from Boots.

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Want of the Week || Stud Bracelet

ASOS Mega stud bracelet £15.00

I've seen quite a few spiked bracelets around recently including this New look spike cuff but I took a particular shine to this ASOS studded one as it is almost like two double stud bracelets put together and a lot less spikey (if you can call that a technical term). I thought this bracelet would be really nice to add a dramatic look to basic outfit, day or night. I really like the top that the model is wearing in this as well, might have to buy the duo haha. I also like the ASOS spike bracelet as well, at almost half the price of this stud one.

Have you spotted any similar spiked/studded bracelets ?

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Image taken from ASOS.com


Week in photos 13# &14#

July favourites, M&S lamb pitta, chilling in the car, My new babies, Knowsley safari park, what I brought Manchester edition, My new duvet cover, The peoples history museum, Me at my aunties house.

By looking at my week in photos, it looks like i've had a pretty boring week tbh. But in fact, it has been the complete opposite. I went to manchester for a little while and saw the sites, did a bit of shopping and came back and did some more shopping. Quite eventful in comparison to the last few weeks that i've had haha.

I hope everybody had a lovely weekend!


What I brought 4# Manchester Edition

Converse All star £44.99- £40.49* with student discount, Mac fix+ £13.50, Primark palazzo style pants sale price £5

Mini what I brought compared to the last one but, as you guys who follow my blog should know recently I just came back from Manchester. I didn't do a lot of shopping in Manchester as my main quest was to go to Primark as the one where I live is completely disgusting ie clothes on the floor, can't find any sizes ect… I only found one nice thing in there *shock* so I was pretty disappointed. But I thought I would share with you guys what I brought when I was there. As you can see I brought some lovely fresh converse, they are now my babies and I wear them all the time. Also, I am absolutely loving the Mac fix+, it's amazing! I don't understand why I haven't discovered it sooner... 

Anyway, hope you had a lovely day !


Want of the Week || Topshop contrast army jacket

I decided that for this month I would start my regular 'Want of the Week' posts. I would pick an item of clothing, beauty or anything really that I have been wanting for the week and share it with you guys. I know that various other bloggers have taken part in sharing their wants, but I wanted to make this post regular rather than here or there. So, I decided to do my want of the week every Monday. This week my want of the week is this Topshop contrast army jacket. I adore the Autumn/Winter army trend so you can see why I've taken a shine to this lovely topshop jacket. I've also seen a similar design to this jacket in Zara available here, which is a tad cheaper at £49.99. Either one I would be grateful for if anyone is feeling generous?

P.s I got back from Manchester today so hopefully I shall be back to regular blogging and my Manchester haul with be up shortly !


Style Crush: Ashley Madekwe

*All images taken from ringmybell, Google images or other internet sources*

This month's celebrity style crush is Ashley Madekwe. She has an amazing blog called ringmybell, which I have been following for a year now and I absolutely adore mostly all her outfit posts. She's also an actress from the Tv programme revenge broadcasted on E4 in the UK. Both on and off screen her style is so chic and I love how she wears basic items with a pop of colour or bold print to add flare to her outfits.

Who is your style crush ?

P.s I should be in Manchester when the blog post goes up (hopefully it has) so please leave lovely comments and i'll be sure to reply to comments and all when I get back. 



July Favourites

Most of the products included in my July favourites I have been using throughout the whole of July. However, I decided to include the TangleTeezer (incorporated in what I brought post recently) because so far I'm in love and I don't think my opinion on it will change over the next few weeks. If I does, I will let you guys know!

Only one make-up favourite this month, I didn't really buy any make-up bits during July as I was really happy with the products I had been using. I brought the NYC High definition separating mascara a few months ago and have only recently started using it. I love how this mascara gives such a natural look to your lashes as the wand separates the lashes but also add length. I did prefer the voluminous mascara by NYC before but I feel if you use too much it creates quite a lumpy look. Skin care bits and bobs I have been loving is the Nivea daily essentials refreshing face wash and moisturising day cream, along with St Ives apricot scrub gentle. I have been alternating between the facial wash and the facial scrub. So I use the facial wash morning and night for everyday then every 3 days instead of using the face wash in the night I will use the scrub, just to keep my skin healthy. This routine has really helped with my spots and the dry areas of my skin, so I'm going to keep up with this routine throughout the summer. And last but not least the original Tangle Teezer, does exactly what it says on the box and really helps to maintain unruly hair and knots without it being painful!

 I hope you all enjoyed July and please do leave links to your favourites post, I love finding new blogs.