Want of the Week || Stud Bracelet

ASOS Mega stud bracelet £15.00

I've seen quite a few spiked bracelets around recently including this New look spike cuff but I took a particular shine to this ASOS studded one as it is almost like two double stud bracelets put together and a lot less spikey (if you can call that a technical term). I thought this bracelet would be really nice to add a dramatic look to basic outfit, day or night. I really like the top that the model is wearing in this as well, might have to buy the duo haha. I also like the ASOS spike bracelet as well, at almost half the price of this stud one.

Have you spotted any similar spiked/studded bracelets ?

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Image taken from ASOS.com


  1. I love that asos bracelet! I've also seen quite a few spiked bracelets around (including that one from New Look) - spikes and studs seem to be on everything recently.

    I don't think I can quite pull off the really spikey stuff though (my friend even said I look too "sweet and nice" to wear it lol) but I think I could definitely wear that asos stud one as, like you said, it's a lot less spikey and so not as harsh.


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