July Favourites

Most of the products included in my July favourites I have been using throughout the whole of July. However, I decided to include the TangleTeezer (incorporated in what I brought post recently) because so far I'm in love and I don't think my opinion on it will change over the next few weeks. If I does, I will let you guys know!

Only one make-up favourite this month, I didn't really buy any make-up bits during July as I was really happy with the products I had been using. I brought the NYC High definition separating mascara a few months ago and have only recently started using it. I love how this mascara gives such a natural look to your lashes as the wand separates the lashes but also add length. I did prefer the voluminous mascara by NYC before but I feel if you use too much it creates quite a lumpy look. Skin care bits and bobs I have been loving is the Nivea daily essentials refreshing face wash and moisturising day cream, along with St Ives apricot scrub gentle. I have been alternating between the facial wash and the facial scrub. So I use the facial wash morning and night for everyday then every 3 days instead of using the face wash in the night I will use the scrub, just to keep my skin healthy. This routine has really helped with my spots and the dry areas of my skin, so I'm going to keep up with this routine throughout the summer. And last but not least the original Tangle Teezer, does exactly what it says on the box and really helps to maintain unruly hair and knots without it being painful!

 I hope you all enjoyed July and please do leave links to your favourites post, I love finding new blogs.


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