What I brought 5#

| 2 x polo neck crop tops ~ Topshop | Polo neck skull print top ~Topshop |
 Run DMC baseball top ~ Camden market | Panther jumper ~ Bershka |

As you can tell I haven't done one of these in a while... These are just a few things I picked up a while ago on my travels to London Town. I absolutely love my panther jumper from Bershka, I pretty much live in it! We don't have a Bershka here in Birmingham (I wish they did) so every time I do travel down to London I always try and have a quick peak in there. When I went last year I brought 3 of the same cardigans in different colours ooops! I just think they for the price in there you can't really go wrong. I also tried my hand at some haggling for my Run DMC top when we went to Camden Market (I also got attacked by some pigeons trying to steal my friends food but we won't go into that). £10 for a basketball top I can really say much fairer than that!

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  1. Amazing bits , love the bershka panther jumper x

  2. Love a good run dmc jumper. Those to polo neck topshop tops are gorgeous!
    Find me on bloglovin honey x


    1. Me too, so comfortable!

      Will do lovely :) xx

  3. love the jumper, looks sick :)


  4. I also love your panther jumper! Great finds xx

    ♡ E.


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