Want of the Week || Suede Wedges

*Image taken from topshop.com

First of all, I just wanted to say a BIG SORRY for being such a bad blogger over the 3/4 weeks. I don't really want to make any excuse but my camera has been lost for two weeks then when I found it, it just didn't want to work for me. So I'm really sorry for that but hopefully I can get it sorted soon because I want to do lots more outfit posts (even though the weather hasn't been very nice) and also a few make-up bits and bobs. I will be back to regular blogging maybe not as much as in the summer hopefully and I have a few timed post for when I have my busy days at uni. I might do an update post about me if anyone is interested...
P.S I adore these wedges, not a winter trend per say but I think they would look gorgeous with a plain black dress. 

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  1. They're laaavly! Love the sugary pink colour xx

  2. so cute and oldschool ,love them

  3. Love those shoes so much :)

    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3


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