Rasberry Ripple - OOTD 4#

Blouse, Skinny Jeans, Belt, Ring - All Primark, Necklace Forever 21, Nails Chipped Elle Grey.

1. Went out for a spot of lunch and shopping today with my mum and my boyfriend. It was quite nice because we don't usually all go out together it's rather me and my mum or me and my boyfriend that go out but yea it was really nice. Lots of giggles and too much food (all you can eat buffet). 
And OMG I love shopping with my mum, best person to go shopping with ! I love shopping with my mum because if i like something sometimes only sometimes she will give me a treat and buy it for me. So I just got a 2 belts from primark, not a lot but I like 'em :).

2. So, I've been stressing about my 3 projects I have to do for Uni and I was doing so well with it until I just hit a mental block and physically couldn't think of anything else to put on it. If anybody has anything that inspires them to get their projects done or work or anything that inspires you please please please comment below like a song or pictures or anything just let me know because I feel like there's just no inspiration to do my work at all. I know I've got to get it done but I need a bit of a push in the right direction. HELP !

3. Just a quick update - I should be posting alot more outfits of the day over the next few weeks maybe do an outfit post for what I wore for the week, different outfits of each day. 

Hope everybody enjoyed there bank holiday weekend and I would love to hear a bit about what you did ? 
Comment below and let me know.


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