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Hello bloggers,

So today I thought I'd do a quick post about a few things that I've brought over the past few days/week. Here we go...

* I actually brought 3 Barry M Nail polishes ; 296- Coral, 304- Mint and 318- Peach Melba but I only took the picture of one just because it was the colour I'm wearing at the moment. I was wearing a chipped Peach Melba in Sunday snap but I will do a quick blog pic of mint when i do wear it next, they were £2.99 each. 

* I brought two lipsticks because I felt like I was wearing my favourite colour Topshop- mink all the time, which i probably was but aye never mind. So I brought Rimmel New Lasting finish 240- Undressed and it's really nourishing for the lips and it smells so nice. It does have like a smooth shine finish which I wasn't took keen on at first but it's really grown on me over the last few days and that was £4.99.

I also brought Sleek True Colour in Bare All - 777 which is a matte finish and I can't stress enough how much i regret buying it. I don't think it's the lipstick itself because when I swatched it in boot i really liked it but when i got it home and wore it and the colour I don't think it suits my skin completion at all. It's really pigmented and i think it would look alot better on somebody with a light skin tone than mine, that was £3.99. (i think)

Bare All is the top one and Undressed is the bottom one.

Thanks for reading, Lauren. xo

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  1. love the nail color!!



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