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Recently I was lucky enough to attend a university trip to Florence, Italy. Our stay was only for a few nights but the sights and a weather, which made such a short trip so much more worthwhile. The hotel we stayed in was the Leonardo da Vinci hotel which was very contemporary inside and was only a short walk from the Piazza del Duomo which is a central point of Florence. 

 The 8th picture featured is the view standing on the Ponte Vecchio, if you keep on walking over the bridge you will see an abundance of jewellery and boutique style shops. Whilst visiting the city you will never be shy of authentic Italian restaurants and various flavours of 'gelato' which is ice cream or sorbets, but if you are not a fan of Italy food there is also alternative restaurants available. 

Whilst visiting the city we were given the opportunity to visit the Gucci Museum and the Salvatore Ferragamo Musuem, unfortunately you are unable to take pictures in both galleries however it was still such an amazing experience and comes highly recommended. Within the centre of Florence there are quite a few places to grab a drink or cocktails and when looking in the right places most bars have cocktail offers Fri-Sat. However, I personally found that there were not many 'clubbing' places and if so they could be quite costly. 

Florence is an absolutely beautiful and highly historic city with amazing views and food. I would definitely recommend visiting the city when wanting to travel to Italy, I would love to visit the city again! 

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