Week in photos 26#

01. squinting, 02. Marks and Spencers chocolate bunny 03. seeing some sites 04. half of a little lamb
05. bbq chicken and vitamin water, 06. baked alaska 07. the taste of summer Kopparberg
08. buying some goodies for my sisters 21st birthday 09. spot of light reading.

I don't know about you guys but I've been loving this sunshine! The thought of my skin getting a some vitamin D makes me happy haha. This weeks been a bit of a slow week for me as I finished my last week of a 2 week work placement yay. The most exciting bit of the week was when my sister and her best friends came down to celebrate her 21st birthday with me. I love it when my sister comes down from London. We become double trouble when were together! Another highlight for me has been a spot of shopping, as the weather has been so nice it would seem rude not to make the most of it.(And I will be sharing my purchases with you guys). I hope you guys have been enjoying the lovely weather as much as I have! 

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