Blogmas Day 1- Quick update

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Hi guys, so I just wanted to do a quick blog post to update you guys on everything thats been going on and what i've got planned  over the next few weeks. So I've been a really bad blogger recently I know but I have a really good idea of blog posts over the christmas period to change all of that! As I have literally been snowed under with university work though out most of this month, I thought i'd do something different to make up for my lack of blogging!

I've decided to take part in blogmas, which is actually an idea from Anne Saccone whereby you blog everyday over December about what you've been getting up to that day. I'm going to do my blogmas a bit different, whereby I am going to try a blog every day from now until january but include ootd blog posts and make-up reviews ect along with what i've been up to that day.

Starting tomorrow I will trying to blog almost everyday until January. I hope you guys enjoy this new blog post idea and please do leave all of your links below of what blog post you have/are doing over the christmas period!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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