Forever Young

Jacket Zara, Top Topshop, Skirt Forever 21, Earrings Forever 21, Necklace Forever 21, Watch ASOS.

Short and sweet post today as I have 6 assignments to do in the next 4 weeks mini panic. Quick update i've had my nose pierced since my last outfit of the day as you may be able to see, I really want a hoop in it but when I got it done I was told to let it heal for a while before changing the stud. Also, as you can see in the outfit post I have new longer hair extensions, now these were recommended to me by a close friend and so far so good I absolutely love them! They are super soft and thick yet still easy to maintain and these hair extensions are from foxy locks extensions if any one felt interested, I might also do a review/post about my hair extension if anyone was interested. please do let me know in the comment box.

I hope everybody is enjoying the bank holiday weekend !


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  1. I love your earrings and the color of your skirt :). Much love


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