Oops - My week !

   Autumn into winter,             Shades On,        She wants to move,    Once upon a time.
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1#  So, the reason why I haven't posted in the last week is because i'm really ill at the moment and the only outfit posts i would have done would be in my pj's as that's what i've been in over the last week.

2# While I've been off uni i've been trying to get started on my marketing project. Result = not been touched.

3# Since I hadn't posted in a week I thought I would pick my favourite 4 outfit posts from my blog so far and also a few pic's from this week. As soon as I am back and healthy I'll be back to regular posting :(. P.s my smoothie has a hat and I decided to call it bert !

What have you all done this week ?

5 weeks till christmas 


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