So like i said in my previous post i went out and did a bit of shopping in town today. The first place i went into was lush. I absolutely love lush i think the smell as you go in there is amazing. Suprisely i only came out with two things.

I brought a vanilla fountain bath bomb which is vanilla fudge and cinder toffee scented and it smells gorgeous. Can't wait to use it !
I also brought there 9 to 5 orchid oil cleansing lotion, now i haven't tried this before but i needed a new cleanser so i thought aye why not. I must admit I'm not to keen on the smell but i thought i would try it and see if it was any good. I'll keep you updated on it, i might even do a product review. (let me know in the comment box)

Vanilla fountain bath bomb  £3.05
9 to 5 cleansing lotion  £4.50

Then, I just went into boots just to repurchase some stuff and i noticed that at the moment in boots when you spend £15 pounds on max factor you get a free summer essentials kit. So i brought my normal max factor second skin foundation and a neutral eyeshadow and i got my free summer kit :) yay !
Included in the summer essentials kit there is;

                                     Mini Nailfinity Disco Pink (normally £3.99)
                                     Mini Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss Bubbly
                                     Masterpiece Max Mascara Black 5.3ml
                                     Mini Kohl Pencil Black 

                       Max factor Second Skin Foundation in 075 golden £12.99
                                      Max factor Eyeshadow in 108 Inca bronze

And a save £3 on Max Factor Coupon .  This summer kit is also avaliable online if you wanted to have a look. I thought that was a really good idea by max factor or boots just because sometimes you want to try out new products but you can't really afford to buy every new mascara or eyeshadow that comes out so yea :) happy with my little freebie lol.

I do apologise for the quality of my photos I'm saving up for a new camera.
Please feel free to leave any constructive comments, look forward to hearing from other bloggers !

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