New Years Resolutions for 2013

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Last year I posted my New Year’s resolutions and I thought it was a good way of setting the goal posts for what I wanted to achieve for the year. So I’ve decided to do it again this year…

1.       Stay organised
Organisation is key! I feel like I work better when I’m working to a schedule, otherwise I panic and hardly get anything done. This organisation resolutions includes being organised and on top of things in my work, university and blogging routine. I understand that with being a blogger comes responsibility and consistency which I feel has been absent over recent months. I’m willing to put the effort in within the new years as a love blogging and it will not only be beneficial personally but also with my university course.

2.       Passing my driving test
Save up, pass my theory test then my practical and be able to drive by the end of the year that is all I ask!

3.       Giving something back
New years for me is about appreciating what you have, celebrating your achievements and being thankful for what you’ve got. In 2013, I really want to give more to charity but also giving more to you guys, the readers. Therefore, I’m going to try and set up a giveaway in the New Year for all my lovely readers along with donating more to charity and all in all giving more to others.

4.       Healthy living
Next year I want to become more active and have more of a healthy living ideology. I feel like it’s not only good for your body but also keeping a focused mind and again keeping me organised.

5.       Take more photos
Looking back at memories in photos is the best feeling ever so why not take more photos and capture more memories?

What are your new year’s resolutions? 

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