Blogmas Day 3- Dear Santa...

1. Bunny Iphone case 2. Necklace Regal Rose 3. Playsuit River Island 4. Benefit They're Real Mascara 5. Marc Jacobs Lola, 6. Studded slipper River Island

I never usually write christmas list, that's most likely the reason why I never really get anything I ask for lol but this year I decided was going to be a productive one and I was going to write my christmas list for my family. So here it is... Hopefully I should be getting an Iphone for christmas and I just saw the cute bunny iphone case and fell in love! I've only heard good things about the Benefit They're Real mascara and when I went to order on their website it was sold out, so that's obviously a good sign. I would really like to try out this mascara and everything I have brought from benefit so far I have instantly fallen in love with! And everything else is just what I have been lusting over for the past few weeks :)


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