Week In Photos 9#

 Drinks with my friend, Love my Rihanna t-shirt, June favourites, Space nails, Hand charm and jewellery, OOTD, Peacock dress, Frizzy Hair, Getting ready for Reading Festival next month.

So again not a busy week this week, I'm still without much money until pay day which is the end of july lool so I'm plodding along slowly. I'm determined to post at least 3 times every week until I'm back at uni and so far so good, i've kept up with regular blogging. I just wanted to apologies for the extreme lack of outfit posts, I don't think i've done any for a few months but it's really hard to get the right lighting because of the really bad weather. But I'm hoping that when the weather brightens up (if it every does in england) I will be doing more outfit posts. 

I hope your all enjoying your weekend !


  1. love this photos so much! Soap & Glory is once of my favorit beauty brands! i very like the products !
    have a nice evening!

    lovley greets from berlin, germany

  2. Lovely let's find each other on instagram @abbysworldcloset also check out my blog, if you like, we can follow each other!



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