Week in photos 12#

Golden syrup wheat-a-bix, sunny day outfit, pesto and chicken flatbread, listening to music, £2 skirt (excuse the mess), melon snack, gorgeous dress from H&M that I'm dying to buy, what i brought post click here, chicken and cous cous dinner.

Another late week in photos I know, my organization skills are terrible! This week is a really busy week for me, today is really my only free day off. I'm going to Manchester to visit my auntie on Thursday which is really exciting but I'm not sure whether to do an early week in photos next Sunday or do two weeks in one hmm…. Anyway, I've got a few blog ideas planned for this week hopefully a few reviews lined up and maybe an outfit of the day as well for you guys. The past few weeks for me have flown by, I actually realised recently that I have about 8 weeks before I go back to uni *sad face* and 3 weeks before I got to reading festival *yay*. I'm going to try and keep on top of blogging as much as possible when I go back to uni as well, I promise!

Anyway, I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are enjoying the olympics !

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  1. Lovely photos gorgeous! That dress is bangin! Buy it!! X


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