Week in photos #19

Dip dyed hair, birthday cocktails, birthday meal, pre-drinks, 21st cards, birthday cupcakes, russian furry headband, frankenstein fancies yum, halloween night- zombie nurse and megan fox ;). 

So I've decided to be really good this month on the blogging front! As deadline is finished and I do not have another for 6 weeks, I decided to plan the all the blog posts that I want to do for the month. I came to the conclusion as well, that I will continue to do my week in photos posts but every other week, so I have enough interesting content to share with you guys. It was 21st birthday last week and I had such an amazing time but I feel like I haven't stopped ever since! I do plan to write a birthday haul posts but taking photos on my camera have been a bit hit a miss at the moment (with this winter lighting) but I am determined to maintain/ get back into the whole blogging routine guys!

 I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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