Beauty and the Brain Event

This weekend SocialMediaPa have a great panel of  Beauty And Fashion YouTube Guru's who have over 40 Million views collectively. They will partake in a panel discussion and Q&A, discussing the business of YouTube, sharing their story on how they grew and expanded their channels.  Panelists include: 

Fashion Rocks My Socks  -http://www.youtube.com/fashionrocksmysocks 
Wandes World      - http://www.youtube.com/user/wandesworld 

Following the panel discussion they'll be a relaxed networking session with Nail art manicures by Nails by Mets,  Makeovers by The Glam Collective, Cupcakes by Bespoke Bites, Drinks by Ting and Photo Booth Fun with Ida Pod

It's an amazing opportunity for new Bloggers and Youtubers to understand the fashion and beauty industry a little bit more.

Tickets are available here: www.beautyandthebrain.eventbrite.co.uk

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