Late October favourites

This is a big favourites this month! This month's favourites has been a collection of stuff that I've been loving over the past two months. Most of these products are make-up products as I have been testing out new products for up-dated winter make-up routine.

Mac face and body foundation in C6. A very light coverage but easily build-able that glides smoothly onto the skin. I found this product perfect foundation for just after the summer as I only needed a light coverage and I have quite sensitive skin. Still a really nice product throughout the winter months however I'll need to be re-matched again as this foundation is in my summer shade. Also, I prefer a heavier foundation throughout the winter. Mac lipstick in Snob, I adore the bright pink colour and I love the fact that it is a satin finish so it's not drying on the lips.

I had a bit of a spurge at ELF last month, as I really wanted to try out some new products for my winter make-up collection and I proud to say that quite a few products that I brought i've been using everyday, so it was definitely money well spent. The products I have been using a lot this month have been the wet gloss lash and brow clear mascara, eyebrow kit in dark and the elf daily cleansing spray. These products are so quick and easy to use, definitely a great buy at the price!

I previously wasn't a fan of these wipes; I really took a shine to the Johnson's cleansing wipes. I felt that the Nivea wipes were really irritating on the eyes in comparison however, I picked up these gentle wipes for dry to sensitive skin and I found these were perfect at removing everyday make-up and waterproof mascara. 

This has been my everyday life saver; perfect for everyday use and I feel it really helps to create a voluminous look to your hair also removes any greasiness. Perfect to use between washes and is suitable for all hair types.





  1. mac lipsticks you knowww baby! xx

  2. I've been looking for a new foundation so I might try out the one you mentioned there, it sounds like it's exactly what I'm looking for!
    Also that bow is seriously cute! X


    1. Yea it is a really good Mac foundation and my friend made it for me for my birthday, she makes loads of arts and crafts things. xx

  3. Lovely favourites, I especially like the bow!



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