What I brought 4# Manchester Edition

Converse All star £44.99- £40.49* with student discount, Mac fix+ £13.50, Primark palazzo style pants sale price £5

Mini what I brought compared to the last one but, as you guys who follow my blog should know recently I just came back from Manchester. I didn't do a lot of shopping in Manchester as my main quest was to go to Primark as the one where I live is completely disgusting ie clothes on the floor, can't find any sizes ect… I only found one nice thing in there *shock* so I was pretty disappointed. But I thought I would share with you guys what I brought when I was there. As you can see I brought some lovely fresh converse, they are now my babies and I wear them all the time. Also, I am absolutely loving the Mac fix+, it's amazing! I don't understand why I haven't discovered it sooner... 

Anyway, hope you had a lovely day !


  1. Wooww i love Converse so much!! Very nice Shoes!
    Lovley greets

  2. Love the converse! Let me know what the mac fix is like pleaseeee xx

  3. There have been plenty of testimonials out there that could say the same thing as you when it comes to the Mac fix+. It's done wonders to them and it surely has on you. Don't fret about not being able to get more than what you wanted in Manchester as long as you enjoyed your trip there.

  4. great post i really want some converse i was so tempted to buy some the other day! wish i had now
    great blog im now following!


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