Want of the Week || Aztec Backpack

When I was younger I always felt like rucksacks were so un-cool, when my mum would tell me to take a backpack to school because it's 'practical' I never really understood. But as i've got older the whole having a backpack has become a fashion piece and statement with the room for all the million and one things women have to carry in their bags. I  absolutely adore these cotton style backbacks/rucksacks especially for when I go back to university or it can even be used for college/school or everyday and I love the aztec print !

Have you seen any funky/fashionable backpacks, if so leave all your links below :)


  1. oooh i love it, but i always feel like such an oaf with a back pack on haha xx

    1. lool me too, but i'm fed up of carrying those girly handbags ! lol

  2. Oh my, this is gorgeous! I love the print xxx


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