BRB off to Reading!

By the time you guys are reading this post, I should be enjoying myself (hopefully with sunny weather) in Reading. I'm going (well already gone in this case) to Reading Festival which I am extremely excited about. I've gone for the weekend and shall be back next week with stories to share and hopefully photos too. I haven't scheduled any posts apart from this one, as I shall be back on monday. So my week in photos post will be posted a bit late next week sorry guys!

 Please do leave lovely comments below though and I'll be sure to reply to everyone once I'm back.
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!




  1. Oh my gosh. I'm so jealous, seriously regretting not getting a Reading ticket this year :(
    Have an amazing time!!

    Lottie x


    1. You should defo get one for next year, it was an amazing experience !!
      Thank you


  2. Have the besssst time! Love your loot haha

    xo, Lela
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