Want of the Week || Topshop contrast army jacket

I decided that for this month I would start my regular 'Want of the Week' posts. I would pick an item of clothing, beauty or anything really that I have been wanting for the week and share it with you guys. I know that various other bloggers have taken part in sharing their wants, but I wanted to make this post regular rather than here or there. So, I decided to do my want of the week every Monday. This week my want of the week is this Topshop contrast army jacket. I adore the Autumn/Winter army trend so you can see why I've taken a shine to this lovely topshop jacket. I've also seen a similar design to this jacket in Zara available here, which is a tad cheaper at £49.99. Either one I would be grateful for if anyone is feeling generous?

P.s I got back from Manchester today so hopefully I shall be back to regular blogging and my Manchester haul with be up shortly !


  1. I totally agree :) Love it, need it, want it <3

  2. I love the contrasting arms, I am not ready to give in to a coat yet though, need some sun first!


    1. I know, i'm holding on to the fact that we might get some sun eventually... x

  3. How gorgeous is the contrast leather trend! Im desperate for the ZARA one but I think the Toppers one is probably more wearable for winter as its so oversized and cool Xx


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