Black On White

Vest Topshop, Jacket Zara, Leggings Select, Rings Topshop & Forever 21, Earcuff Topshop. 

First I just wanted to say again appoligies for the complete lack in posts for the last two months. As a lot of you know that follow my blog that my laptop was completely broken and I had been waiting for a my new laptop to arrive and woop it's here ! I have had it for about a week now but because i'm on my work placement as well at the moment I have found it difficult to do anything but sleep. 

I finished my day early today so I thought what better opportunity to do a blog post. I WILL be posting a lot more over in the next week and month as I finish my placement and I'm on easter holidays :).

Anyway, I hope everybody is enjoying the sunny sun!



  1. That top is so cool! Loving the peace ring too, so cute X

  2. I actually love that top, so cute!

  3. Great outfit, and I'm in love with that jewellery!

    Drea @ Drea's Junkyard

  4. you look lovely darling, the outfit is so rock chic and that long eating looks awesome!! - jade xxx


  5. I love your vest and that peace ring is adorable! x


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