Happy Birthday To Me :)

Hi everyone :)

So I've been wanting to do a birthday presents/birthday blog since I started blogging so I'm very excited to do this blog post today.

For those of you who wouldn't know it was my birthday yesterday (yay) happy birthday to me I turned 20 :( so I just wanted to share with you all of the exciting goodies and things I got basically. I just wanna say before I share with you everything I got, this post is in no way shape or form a blog to boast about what I got I just thought it would be a great idea to share with my followers as I loveeeee seeing what things people got for their birthdays in posts and YouTube videos so I hope that you all enjoy mine. Can you tell what my favourite colour is ... ?

Starting from the left I got...

Umberto Giannini Rock N Roll Hairspray & Grunge Glamour Salt Spray (love these already)
A bottle of coke :)
River Island gift vouchers
An Ipod nano (so cute)
Hydrating gel face masks
A cute little picnic basket with a shower cap on
The comforter bath bomb from lush
Flora by Gucci 
Exfoliating glove 
Benefit boi-ing concealer 
Tea light holders
Snow fairy lush gift set 
Soap & Glory body butter, Shower gel and Shower scrub
Knee high socks
Rose tea light candles
2 rings from forever 21 
Pink blackberry case
More River Island gift vouchers
Angelina ballerina wash bag 
Bath bomb ( I think it's vanilla )
Red H&M bag 
Blow up bath pillow
and a small trinket box with a pink cup and saucer in :)
and two lovely dresses but I can post that separately...

Let me know if you want any reviews on anything featured in this picture I will get straight on that. Really wanna do a review on the Soap & Glory products I got because I've heard so about them. But yea I hope you all enjoyed :)

Also I've got another bargain buy post coming up because I know the other one was v. popular..

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Speak soon.


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