Week in photos 25#

Getting ready for the event, A few of the girls from our event, peri peri chicken homemade,sorting out a blog post, Company magazine, onesie day, mixed grill, my minnie mouse wash thingy, pasta pesto.

It's a very food filled week in photos this week.  Since I have hardly been at university and I have no money (being a student and all) food is pretty much dominating my life at the moment. This week has been a pretty lazy one, I've had a few final presentations for university and my final briefing is on tuesday. I can't believe after my next project/module I will be moving into my 3 year. It's gone so quickly! This year has gone to quickly already!! I may write a blog post on my transition from the first year to my second year as it was a bit shift and at first felt very overwhelming. But do let me know if that would be something you guys would be interested in. I hope everyone had a great St paddy's day and weekend!

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