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A post which is a little bit out of the ordinary for me and my blog, but I thought it would be good to take part in new things this year. I was emailed recently about the great opportunity to win some super cosy bed liner for the value of £200 from the white company. Now I adore the white company so when I received the email I was more than happy to take part. These four products are the items I have chosen are how I would like to style my bedroom over the christmas period. Even though the christmas period is over I thought I would still take part and showcase a few of my favourites!

 I love the simplicity of the portland mirror along with the storage boxes, not very christmasy but I just love the simplicity of the two products and feel they would fit in perfectly with my room. Tea light candles are ideal for the winter months, adding subtle glimmers of light. I can just imagine me cuddled up in bed with the luxury faux fur throw with the tea light candles scattered across the room. These are just a few items I would have chosen for my ideal bedroom over christmas.

What are your favourite products from The White Company?
Do any of you guys wanna take part in this competition... all the information is available here

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